Inadequacy of Science

As we have already seen, the almighty is responsible for creating, protect and transformation. He is responsible for all the living and non-living objects. Paramathma not only takes human form but also other physical forms as seen before. What is evident is that he is common to all forms of life. More than other animals, the sixth sense of analysis is only gifted to humans. Human race is the only species gifted with the sixth sense . With this sixth sense, scientific developments have occurred and some significant discoveries have been made. Human race with its ability to analyse and rationalize has made progress with Spritual development also. Astute observations have been made using his ESP(Extra Sensory Perception) and has been brought to light. But this human race has evolved only as stated by Darvin theory and reached the state that exists today.

Scientists are yet to discover a lot of things in this universe. However in spirituality a lot of things have been discovered. As a matter of fact things that remain a mystery to the scientists have been clearly visualized and experienced by lot of saints and seers. For example about the athmam(the fundamental of life) science has made very little progress in this front. Likewise, as it was mentioned in the good old days, astrological practices have made very significant mention about the solar family thousands of years ago.

The relationship of humans with the other planents are yet to be fully understood by science and scientists. This relationship needs to be understood. Likewise the study of life and the pre and post life needs to be understood. But seers and saints with their yogic prowess, have found out the answers for some of these fundamental yet important questions. They having established a connection with the supreme lord have understood all the secrets of existence and have documented them clearly in the holy scriptures. Based on these findings are the more commonly existing practices of astrology and the doctrines of God. The faith on God, is not just a faith without reasoning and proof. These saints pocessed the ability to see events that have occured and yet to occur. Their clairvoyance have been documented in paprus materials. Those still exist and are protected in counties like India Those materials mention about spirituality, astrology, medicine, science, civil engineering, fluid mechanics, literature, puranas and a variety of subjects are discussed in great detail in these scriptures. These are still getting released in paperback till date and continues to astonish and surprise us with their richness in content and their superior understanding in the various walks of life.

The human race of the olden times were tremendously knowledgeable and wise is clearly evident from the above stated. For example, in astrology the information expressed is ingenious. Knowledge on Sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn was very deep. Scientists have known about them via satellite communication devices. Astrology takes its roots many thousands of years back. Without these satellite communication devices, how did the folks know about these in olden times?

Basically as how the magnetic force exists in the earth, all planets poscess this magnetic force. Those influences deeply impacted earth and the living beings on earth. These forces also influence the temperatures and climatic conditions and impacts the lives of human race in a deep way. This was very well understood by the folks of olden times. These influence all the aspects of human life and was experienced and documented by these sages and seers.
The 5 boothas and changes they created on earth was published as panchangas(pancha angam). The science of planets dates only a few hundred years and is still in the infant stages in modern science. Should the scients decide to check the artifacts produced earlier all of this will be evident and irrefutable truths. With not much scientific growth and not much technological gadgets, how did they come to know about such advanced sciences???

With the help of astrology how were they able to predict the past, present and the future?? A human's sex could be predicted even before birth, what he would do during his life time could be calculated. How could this be possible? Since the knowledge of the pre-birth and post-death is less know, how were they able to accurately able to determine about life? How were they able to segregate the earth into 12 rasis (divisions)? How were they able to classify the stars into 27 regions? How were they able to name those 27 regions logically??? How were they able to predict Planets revolvution and how they impact us? They have named the days in the name of planets.





Thursday etc are names of planets.

Based on these 7 planents they have named the whole week. Can any aethist refute this information? Based on the moon's revolution cycles they poscessed complete knowledge on the full moon and no moon days. This cycle from full moon to no moon is 15 days and no moon to full moon is 15 days. This was very well understood. These planets when revolving in this various regions of stars, what changes will be occurring in the earth has also been very clearly documented. That the moon takes 2.5 days to move from one of the 12 rasis, to another was also clearly understood by the ancients, hence 12*2.5=30(1 month)

When Moon exists in one star on the natal chart the behavior of the person could be predicted. They have clearly documented the behavior of the 27 star mandlas. Sun takes 1 month to change from a Rasi, someone born during this period will have some common traits. Likewise moon signs from Aries to Piecies have been named based on the above calculations. Likewise each planet under each rasi, resides for a certain period of time(cycle). This has been clearly understood by the older folks. All of this is an outright science. The influence of the planets on humans is what the scientists have failed to understand and realize.

For example, during full and no moon due to the magnetic fields of the moon the tides in the ocean rises and this has been understood, people with mental disorder will be more disturbed but it has not been realized how much the human race is being impacted by these planets. Saints through their practical experience and clairvounce have clearly indicated about astrology. Today astrology is nothing but a practical science and this can be practically witnessed by scientists and laymen alike. In astrology not only can we predict about earth's behavior and changes over time, about humans but we can also clearly identify about God's incarnations also. Example Lord Rama was born on Punarpusam star and Lord Krishna was born on Rohini Star. Hence we can clearly see that Astrology has been able to clearly identified avatars. Hence it becomes clear that it is a Science and not a pseudo science. Like how unique everyone’s thumb impressions are, likewise everyone’s horoscope is different eventhough they may be born at the same time. Characteristics , mind set, attitude differ for them. In Nadi Astrology based on one’s thumb impression his horoscope is being predicted. We have been able to identify God’s Incarnation with Astrology practices i.e. in all Nadi astrology and Horoscope and Anga Lakshana Sasthara(Srivatsam mole and Adiseshan mole) that Mahaguru Parthasarathy is Lord Vishnu’s incarnation. It has also been predicted about the job he will perform in this earth.