Frequently Asked Questions

In this section Mahaguru Parthasarathy answers frequently asked questions by users relating to various topics.

Q.What religion do you belong to?

Guruji: I am for a religion that bases itself only on Love and compassion. Even nations have developed animosity against one another in the name of religion. In the name of God human race is being annihilated. Were religion founded for this reason?

Q. What is your thought on existing religions?
Guruji: All religions must work towards making man complete and human, but most of them in my opinion are failures at that. Looking back at world history, the number of wars waged and amount of killings in the name of religions only exists. The human race has been separated by religions instead of unifying them. Everyone considers his/her religion to be better that the other. Taking this a bit further they show hatred and enmity towards others. They even try to wipe them from the face of the earth and try to impose their religious ideas to them. This is against their religion and God. Religions are being hated by atheists, social workers etc. This is what made Karl Marx quote that "Religion is like a drug". Hence on the basis of love all people need to unite and a new religion is needed for that.

Q.What is the motive for this new religion

Guruji: All the people in the world should unite on the basis of love. The whole world should realise that there exists only one god. Anyone who is born should cross race, cast, creed, religion, country and political barriers and should worship the same almighty. That almighty can be denoted by any name. In Christianity the almighty is "The Lord from the Heavens". In Islam denote the almighty as "Allah". In Hinduism the almighty is denoted as Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Adi Parasakthi, Lord Brahma. Sages see him in the form of Light. Lord Buddha mentions that the Almighty is an absolute nothingness and this nothingness encapsulates everything. Thus every religion denotes the almighty in different ways. However the almighty is the same. There is no difference from the Lord's perspective. He is omni present and omni potent. All the religions realize this and accept this truth. Even if this is understood, why are there so many conflicts between different religions? People misunderstand that God is different and they destruct this God given earth. If we realize that the almighty is present in all living beings there will not be religious wars. Everyone will accept one another.  Everyone will love and be loved. To create a platform for the same is our motive.

Q.Do we need more religions and hence more confusion?

Guruji: Just because there is mostly confusion and little clarity, we are here to provide that clarity. We accept everyone and we do not differentiate between anyone

Q.Why should I practice in this religion?

Guruji: This first benefit is that you get to accept people as they are. You will learn to be broad minded and will learn to shed your hatred towards others. And since God is only one there is no confusion on which God is bigger and there are no barriers created on the basis of race, country, religion, language etc. Self realization, love, intelligence and good habits and the understanding of live. By realizing the Almighty and by total surrender attaining liberation become possible. Moreover this Lovingness provides success in this material and spiritual world.

Q.People from certain religions, say that other religious deities are Satans. Is that correct ?

Guruji: Like we already mentioned, this behaviour is commonly found. This kind of attitude is the corner stone of religous wars and people who carry this kind of propaganda that demeans other religions are the real Satans. Jesus Christ in his gospel mentions "What you give is what you get". In this context people who trash other religions get trash back. If Jesus re-incarnated they will not accept Jesus. The reason Lord Jesus spilled his blood was because of ignorance of these kind of people. Jesus was talking to his father in heaven. That father in heaven is the universal lord and is common to all mankind and can be denoted by any name and people from all religions have the same right to this supreme lord. Those who refuse this fact are the messengers of Satan.

Q.In hinduism, there are lot of God's; but you mention that there is only one God. Can you please explain?

Guruji: In reality there exists only one God. Hinduism also mentions the same. Hinduism mentions that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. For example, Lord Krishna in the Gita has mentioned that he is everything that ever existed and will exist. The meaning of Lord Vishnu is omnipresent and omnipotent. It has been emphasised that God is one and he is universal. Having said that, different people started to worship the Supreme Lord in different ways and hence many God's came into being. Lord Krishna mentions in Gita that he will take the prayers of all being in what ever shape or form it may be. Further, Man has been raised to the state of God. i.e. Mata, Pita, Guru, and then God. And saints and sages were considered as God in Hinduism. Even if they worship saints they still get the effect of worshipping the Lord as the Lord grants thier wished through these saints. Since the Jeevathma has come from the Paramathma, Jeevathma is also pure. All of the living beings manifest from the Supreme being. That the Lord is present everywhere was clearly Illustrated by the Narashima Avatar. Hence the Supreme Lord is one, but he exhibits himself in different forms. Hence in Hinduism the Supreme Lord has exhibited himself in various names and avatars.

Q. Is worshipping of Idols right?

Guruji: The universe was created from a formless energy source. Since the almighty has created this form, it is not incorrect to worship the almighty in the form of Idols. Moreover it becomes easier to meditate on a shape and form rather than a shapeless almighty. Hence in Hinduism, Idols were devised for even the laymen to understand the ways of the Supreme Lord. Due to this practice this reaches a broader array of people.

Q. Is it appropriate to say that the Supreme Lord does not have a form?

Guruji: In reality, the almighty at the beginning of time did not have a form. However from the formless, there came shape and form. He also exhibits himself in form. Hence he is present form in formless and formful state. He is present in everything. Hence it is right to worship him both in formful and formless states.

Q. The Lord is believed to be in Heaven? Is it right?

Guruji: In reality, the supreme being is not only present in heaven but present everywhere. Since he is pure, we assume he is in heaven above. In reality he is present very close to us(inside us, beside us). Hence it is not correct to constrain him to Heaven.

Q. In certain religions, God is said to be absolute nothingness. What does this mean ?

Guruji: Since we are not able to see the almighty, he was called nothingness. But from that absolute nothingness, this universe was created. The absolute nothingness was the absolute energy centre of this universe. Hence denoting the almighty as Absolute Nothing is not incorrect.

Q. It is being said that without the almighty, nothing seems to exist. Is this true?

Guruji: This is very true. The almighty is present as the energy in the Nucleus as well as existing filling this universe. We utilise his energy for our daily living and hence it is very true that he is omnipresent and omnipotent.

Q. Is Nature God?

Guruji: Almighty was responsible for creating this nature. Nature is one of the manifestations of God. Hence Nature can be considered as God. The origin of this Nature is the almighty.

Q.If God is present in all, am I God?

Guruji: In reality, God is the Paramathma. Humans are jeevathma. Hence Jeevathma's origin is Paramathma(God). This Jeevathma in order to attain the Supreme needs to cross three barriers, namely Maya, Ego, Desire. Unless these barriers have been crossed, one cannot claim he is God. After crossing these three barriers one would not claim himself to be God since he would clearly know the difference between Jeevathma and Paramathma. To draw an analogy If the Jeevathma is a drop of water, the Paramathma is like the ocean.

Q.Is it right to say that God is present as a form of Light?

Guruji:Many yogis and sages have worshipped the Lord in the form of Light and it is true that he is present in the form of Light. Our athma is in the form of a small light. The almighty who is the eternal father and mother of this athma is also present in the form of light. The origin of the paramathma is in the form of Light. Like how the athma is present in one place, its potency is felt throughout the body, the supreme lords power if felt throughout this universe. After attaining a certain stage in yoga, they attain athma darshan and get a glimpse of the supreme lord in the form of light. Only the rishis and yogis are able to realise this. Hence worshipping the lord in the form of light is very correct.

Q.How do we realise god?

Guruji:God can be attained through Yoga. This yoga has many paths to name a few Karma Yoga, Gnyana Yoga, Bakthi Yoga. There are many other types of Yoga like Raja Yoga, Hata Yoga, Athma Gnyana Yoga, Manthra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Brahma Gyana Yoga, Vasi Yoga, Siva Yoga. All these are paths that lead to God.

Q.Is there an easy path to God?

Guruji: Yes. Total surrender is the easiest way to attain God. By Total Surrender what is meant is that by destroying the ego, desire and sacrificing everything to God and acknowledging that everything is the act of God.

Q.Certain people claim themselves to be God's incarnations/Avatar. Is it true?

Guruji: This is totally incorrect. Like how a drop of water does not become an ocean, a jeevathma can never become the omnipotent paramathma. Jeevathma is different from Paramathma. There is no possibility of any truth in this. Since this Jeevathma is born out of the Paramathma, it possesses a few traits of the Supreme but does not encompass the entire power of the paramathma. Jeevathma when attaining the Supreme Lord is liberation/moksha. The supreme being is the one capable of liberating us. All the religions have spread only this message.

Q.What is an avatar?

Guruji: When the ocean like Paramathma, when expressing himself like a drop of water is an avatar. Eventhough he expresses himself as a drop of water, his powers will be seen across the universe. The avatar will constant maitain constant equlibrium with the Paramathma. This is the biggest difference between Jeevathmas and avatars. Eventhough avatars are jeevathmas, because of this constant equlibrium they are still considered as paramathma.

Q.How do we identify such an avatar?

Guruji: The inate Godness is inborn in this avatars. They will be born with complete wisdom. Thier astrology charts, angalakshana sasthra will confirm this. Thus the avatars are capable of creating a major revolution in this human society and will be capable to accomplishing any change. They will be people who work for the well being of the world. They will be detached from all activities eventhough engaged in all activities with a balanced mindset. For more details check this link out.

How to Identify the Avatar

Q.What is advaita?

Guruji: Advaita is the principle of non-duality of Brahman. This brahman is being masked by the forces of Maya. If this Maya is removed we can realise the Brahman. Adi shankara postulated the principle of Advaita. He mentioned about Aham-Brahmasmi.

Q.What is dvaita?

Guruji:Dwaita explains the concept of duality. It differenciates between Jeevathma and Paramathma. Madvachariya postulated this principle.

Q.What is Visishtadvaita?

Guruji: It is special advaita.i.e. Paramathma is one but jeevathma is many. Paramathma exists in five forms namely para, vyeuha, vibava,archaruba and andaryami. The jeevathma attaining the Paramathma is moksha. This was postulated by Ramanuja.

Q. Why are there many schools of thoughts in Siddantha?

Guruji: Adisankara was a great yogi. He was a Brahma Gnyani. He experienced nothing but Brahman from his yogic experience. Hence he realised that Maya was the single biggest obstacle to attain Brahma Gnyana. This Brahmam was Parabrahman or Paramathma. He realised that only the Supreme Lord is the only permanent thing in this universe. And hence he postulated Adivita which states that Brahman was one. Many great Saints and seers followed him to the path of Salvation. Ramana was one of those many followers. Like how the stars vanish at the dawn of the shiny sun, he was only able to see the almighty living in the midst of people. But people have commonly misunderstood his interpretation and have stated to claim that since God is present in all of us, and stated about Aham-Brahmasmi and if we realise the Brahman we are all Gods. Hence lot of false prophets and avatars came into being. Both Ramanuja and Madvachari realised. Ramanuja and Madhvachari wanted to clarify this and created Visishtadvaita and dvaita respectively. Eventhough these seem to be contraversial all the three have concretly mentioned that the Supreme Lord is the same and he is Lord Narayana. Adisankara describes about Maya as follows. When we envision a rope in the dark it looks like a snake, likewise Maya misleads us into thinking something else when it is not. Hence Maya stops us from realising the Parabrahma. If we clear the Maya we will be able to realise the Brahman. Ramanuja clarifies about the same anology of the snake and rope differently. He explains that it is our defeciency in seeing the rope as a snake . Moreover he emphasises that we should have the clarity to see things as it is. Jeevathma is different from Paramathma and clarifies that the Lord is present as andaryami state within us and the Lord is present everywhere. Thus when a jeevathma attains the paramathma they attain moksha. In Visishtadvaita after Madhwachari, Guru Ragavendra was very significant.

Q. It is stated that you are Lord Vishnu's incarnation. What is your opinion on the same?

Guruji: To be honest with you, I never consider myself bigger or different from anyone. I consider myself just as every other being. I consider my self as being part of this vast universe. I consider everyone including myself to be the same. Having incarnated as a human being, I have all the issues a human being faces. However I have realised myself and have knowledge of my birth secrets. I realise that I had incarnated as Rama, Krishna etc. In this life, I have come to assume the duty of destroying injustice and as stated in Gita I will incarnate again. I realise that I have come from the Paramathma, and an integral part of the almighty. I have complete understanding about God and myself. At the same time, I have cleared Maya and do not possess ego. I have no big desire except accomplishing my goals. I am in a desireless state and wish to accomplish my goals. Within me "I" does not exist and is used only for identification and the I here denotes the Paramathma.

Q. If God is the almighty and is the most powerful, why are there so many problems in this world?

Guruji:God does not intend to create anyone with troubles or problems. His creations are of opposite value of compliments. e.g. Fire and water, Sky and the land, Mountains and deep abyss, Good and bad, Truth and lies, Male and female. This "ying and yang" is what makes this life complete. This is the beauty in his creation. Man has been gifted with his sixth sense. Without using his senses properly, he has created more problems for himself and others. Thus blaming God for his problems is his ignorance. Most of the problems that exist today are man made but they blame God and try to escape from the consequences. The man made problems have reached intolerable propotions and to solve these issues God needs to reincarnate. Hence man is the root cause of all problems and not God.

Q.Atheists claim that there is no God. Is this correct?

Guruji: What they claim is incorrect. Just because they are not able to realise God does not mean he does not exist. God is not really bothered by those who claim that he does not exist. When some believe in the existance of God there will be a group of people who do not believe in him. Those who claim that there is no God have gotten used to misunderstanding one as the other. Sir Isaac Newton quotes beautifully about this universe. "It's beautiful, it all runs on its own with marvelous symmetry -- it must have been designed by something or someone Intelligent."However atheist claim this to be nature. In reality does nature have such Intelligence or is something Intelligent controlling this nature to behave this way? A scientist like Sir Isaac Newton's stand is that a supreme power controls this Intelligently designed universe. That is what we call as Cosmic power, Supreme Lord, God etc. Without this supreme power there will not be any life since this supreme power is omnipresent. That is Super Intelligent than Humans. Thus scientists are exploring what is already present. Humans have used thier Intelligence and made some very good advancements. Thus the Supreme power only manifested in all the scientific discoveries. Thus spritualism is utilising the power of the Supreme Lord just like science does. When man found about the athman within him, he also found that his source is the supreme lord. Once who has realised himself, realised the supreme also. The human body is a great example of science and the most advanced technology centre. Even the most accomplished scientists only use his brains for about 15% to 20%. Thus if a normal human makes claims that there is no God it is only because of his ignorance and stupidity.

Q. If we as normal beings use only less than 15% of our brains, how do you Justify that a spritualist point on existance of God is correct?

Guruji: The almighty is omnipresent and omnipotent. When a devotee prays with total belief he becomes connected to the almighty. This connection makes a positive impact in his life. For example we use a cell phone to contact each other through communication devices. Likewise because of the power of the supreme lord, a theist is able to establish a connection with the Lord. The almighty is neutral and to both atheist and theist alike. But the one who believes in God is being protected and he realises that he is being protected. This is the reason why over 95% of the world population believes in God. They follow God based on what was preached by Saints and Seers. A saint converts his own body into a laboratory and he is able to make a very strong connection with the almighty. If one tests a Yogi's or Saints brain, it can be proved that their brain capacity will be more than that of scientists. It has been seen in most of the cases with Saints and Seers world over that the journey towards salvation begins with belief and then due to his endurance, practice and penance he is able to reach greater planes and able to realise subtle things. A layman follows what has been mentioned by these saints and yogis. It does not mean that he is any better or worse than his atheist counterpart. But his belief in God becomes a platform for achieving higher things in life.

Q. What is spritualism?

Guruji: Self realisation i.e. getting the answer to the question "Who am I?" is spritualism. Knowledge of the self/athma and knowing the root of this athma which is the paramathma. Thus the science of the self is spritualism. There are only 2 things that do not change in this ever changing world. Jeevathma and Paramathma. In today world we are all running behind materialistic things. Thus we should unite the jeevathma with the Paramathma. This is spritualism.

Q.Is advaita as Stated by Adishankara correct?

Guruji: We have to understand this as Adishankara said. He was in this very broad mindset when he said that without almighty nothing exists, on this basis he mentioned that only the Lord exists. Further he also mentions that one should poscess his ego. On this basis what he mentioned is right.

Q. What is the meaning of the vibuthi and Namam in Hinduism?

Guruji: For attaining moksha once should cross the barriers of ignorance, ego and desire. When one wins over these 3 attributes, he attains the feet of the lord and attains liberation. Similarly the same concept applies for Namam. Suryakalai, Chandrakalai and Agni kalai. This is a yoga concept called Sara Yoga/Vasi Yoga. This indicates that the God is present in us as Andaryami.

Q. What are the laws of the earth and the relationship between the Solar System and humans.?

Guruji: Planets reside in the solar system. All planets have gravitational force and they influence all lives in earth including humans. To understand this we need to consider examples of Mentally challenged people. It has been established that during the full moon day the gravitational force of the moon disturbs people severely. So this clearly establishes that there is some connection to humans and the various celestrial objects in the solar system. This theory can be extended to all human beings. Based on this gravitational force we are being influenced in ways we can and cannot understand. These planets influence a persons activities through his brain and soul. Astrology an ancient science has determined this connection between various celestrial objects and its relative position and their influence on human beings. The earth has been divided in 12 zones.Aries-Picies. There are various star zones(27 aswini-revati) and based on their relative positions to the earth they constantly control everything living and even the 5 major elements on the earth namely water, fire, atmosphere, land and XXX. This even causes changes in weather patterns. Bases on these changes there are changes in life and death.

Q. How are human influenced by planets?

Guruji:From the time man is born to his death, these planets control everything including humans. This law of nature falls into a broad cycle of creation, nourishing and transforming. "Change" is the law of nature. Nothing is permanent. But certain things are constant. Atman i.e. the soul paramathma i.e. the supreme soul do not change.

Q.How do you expect to accomplish this Herculerian task as mentioned in your mission statement?

Guruji: This is not a mission possible by an organisation or even a country. It can only be accomplished by organisations like UN. Having said that we expect all the people worldwide to participate in these activities and contribute in kind towards achieving this goal. We are persuing these steps and this website is one of those attempts to accomplish the same. Hence we welcome people worldwide to join us in this peace mission.

Q.So how to planets work on Humans??

Guruji:Planets work on humans based on the Karma theory. Every action has a reaction. This might not be immediate. An action is begins with a thought which gets translated into an activity which gets implemented. Electromagnetic force is present all over this world. This is through this that Television, radio and even cellular phones work. Thus the planets gravitational forces influence every action of a human. So human are being controlled and this probably explains why we do not always achieve what we desire. We do not have control over our destiny rather we are controlled from life to death. These planets do not have intelligence but are controlled by something intelligent. Sir Issac Newtons Quotes "Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. God governs all things and knows all that is or can be done. It's beautiful, it all runs on its own with marvelous symmetry -- it must have been designed by something or someone Intelligent.”

Q. Please explain Karma theory?

Guruji: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Our atma is like a recording media. All incidents gets recorded in this media. This recording only happens when it has taken a physical form. So this Atma is the fundamental for life. Karma is being recorded in our Atma and this becomes the reason for this life and the next. Karma can be classified into 3 types Past karma, present karma & future karma. This culmination of karma is taken as an input and the planets process it to give the desired result. So for a person with a certain lagna with a given set of planetary positions a person’s life and death can be determines. From this it can be determined that planets control our lives based on our karma. A person’s karma is also being carried from their ancestors. Our thoughts are what determine his life. Thus the Atma is being deeply connected to the body. When the Atma joining the Supreme is called liberation or Motcha.