Forms of God

It is clearly understood that the sages and seers with the blessings of the almighty were able to realize and witness all the happenings even without scientific gadgets. What these seers have documented is that, the almighty for the well being of the world and for the freedom and well being of human race constantly keeps sending his messengers. Sometimes the almighty himself incarnates for the freedom, liberation and well being of mortals. His incarnation is called avatars.

What is avatar?

The omnipresent almighty, when encompassed into a normal body is avatar. The almighty is the nucleus of the nuclei, controls the whole universe and is bigger than the biggest. His complete form cannot be seen, imagined or discussed about. This almighty when born in the earth, taking an ordinary human form is an avatar. The Supreme Lord (Paramathma) exhibits himself in 5 forms.

Param: In the Para Form, Para is the highest form of the Lord attained only by Moksha, surrounded by liberated souls i.e. Muktas (liberated souls).

Vyeuham: In the Vyuha form which itself divides into four, Lord assumes various forms, which exercise different cosmic functions and controls activities of living and non living in all the universe. He exists as the object of meditation for the desirers like yogis and sages.

Vibava: In the Vibhava form, the almighty assume various manifestations, called Vibhavas, more popularily known as Avataras from time to time, in order to protect the virtuous, punish the evil-doers and re-establish righteousness.This avathar has been exhibited all over the world. Particularly, the dasa avatharas. However in the Vibava form Avatars only appear at certain times i.e. in times of extreme injustice as stated in the Gita.

          paritranaya sadhunam
          vinasaya ca duskrtam
          sambhavami yuge yuge
In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of righteousness, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.

Mostly God sends messengers and saints to preach the way of righteous. When this cannot be accomplished, he incarnates and destroys injustice and reestablishes the principles of righteousness. Sir Issac Newton was right when he predicted about the second coming of Jesus/The Kalki avatar. “Sir Issac Newton mentions about the Supreme Lord exhibiting himself around 2005 to 2007. ”. The Kalki Avatar has occurred in the form of Mahaguru Parthasarathy and is being brought to light through this website.

Antaryami: Hidden inside every jeevathma, in the Antaryami form, the almighty exists in a very subtle form, alongside the souls of all living beings and in every atom of matter.

Archa roobam: In the Archarooba or Image manifestation, the Lord is easily approachable to the devotees since they cannot worship Param, Vyuha, Vibhava and Antaryami forms directly, which can only be imagined or meditated upon because they are beyond our reach. This is the form of statues, exhibited in scriptures in temples, monasteries, houses . This provided the roots to worshipping images installed by humans.

These 5 forms have existed from the beginning of time and will never cease to exist.