Evidence to prove existance of Lord Ram

The bearer of Shrivatsam, and the one who bears the marks of Lord Shiva is also a Brahma Gyani (an incarnation of Lord Brahma) after great research has been found and is going to be introduced.

His name is Guru Parthasarathy an alias of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was the charioter to Arjuna during the epic war of Mahabaratha.The name Parthasarathy can be split into 2.

Partha- Arjunan/Jeevathma

Sarathy - Charioteer/Paramathma

It becomes clear that the "Rider on the White Horse" is evidant in his name. Further Partha denotes the jeevathmas. Sarathy is the guiding force for the jeevathmas and hence he is the lord who steers us in the right path.

There are many evidances that Mahaguru Parthasarathy is Lord Kalki's incarination. From Nadi Astrology, an ancient Indian method of Astrology, specifically Kakaibujandar Nadi, Brihu Nadi, Suhar Nadi, Kandar Nadi, Akathier Nadi, Vashista Nadi, Siva Vakiya Nadi, Sabdha Rishi Nadi etc, all the Nadi's have confirmed that Mahaguru Parthasarathy is Kalki Avatar. Moreover in the previous births it has been stated that he was Lord Dattathreya (composite of Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma) and in Treta Yugam he was incarnated as Rama Avatar and during Dwapara Yuga he was incarnated as Lord Krishna.

There are 4 Vedas in Hinduism, Rig, yegur, samam, adharvana which was composed by Veda Vyasar and he was born as Veda Vyasar who composed Mahabaratha. He was also Lord Shiva's Incarination of Dhakshanamoorthy who initiated the 4 Sanagathi Sages. He was also the incarnation of Lord Hayagreeva who was the Lord Of Wisdom. He has taken numerous incarnations like the above mentioned and has been confirmed by these Nadi's. Likewise Oracles, horoscope experts and Samuthriga Lakshna experts and Siddha and Seers have confirmed that he is the Supreme Lord's true Avatar.

Morover it has also been clearly stated in the Nadi's that Mahaguru Parthasarathy will establish a huge spritual kingdom by destroying injustice and showing the path of the righteous and through his endless powers (asthama siddhis) and complete wisdom like Lord Rishikeesava.

Likewise many famous astrologers have confirmed the above mentioned and have accepted them as facts.

In India there has been an Affidavit filed in the Supreme CourtĀ  regarding the existance of Lord Rama. All the above stated are very strong evidences of Lord Rama's existence and he is the current proof of the existence of the Lord Vishnu's Incarnations. All of Lord Vishnu's Avatars possessed this mole called the Srivatsam in the right Chest. Currently Mahaguru Parthasarathy has the same Srivatsam mole and fits in the description of all the Vedas and Astrological texts. Hence he is the living proof that Lord Rama was alive and he has reincarnated. We do not know if the Courts will accept this evidence. This Srivatsam has been mentioned about in Shrimat Bhagavatam and Vishnu Sahasranama Tothram

In 1967 Keelathur Srinivasacharyar has written theĀ  Vishnu Sahasranama Tothram published by Lifco. This has a pictorial representation on how the Srivatsam mole looks like. All of the authorized Matas and Religious leaders in Hinduism like Sri Sankara Mada, Sri Ramanuja Mada, Sri Madvachari Mada etc have accepted this book. The same kind of mole is present with Guru Parthasarathy.

There is commonly doubts on the "concept of rebirth". One interesting thing to note that Mahaguru Parthasarathy is said to have incarnated as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and this ascertains about rebirth and past lives and that the Lord has incarnated numerous occasions is being proved by the coming of the Lord in the form of MahaGuru Parthasarathy.

Today finger prints are an important identification of who we are. There is a science of finger printing. Based on this science also it has been confirmed that he is an incarnation of the Supreme Lord.