Does God Exist?

God does exist. The world is filled with cosmic energy. Whole universe is encapsulated in this cosmic radiation. At one point of time there was complete vacuum. This cosmos has all the ingredients to create a universe composed of millions of galaxies. These in turn gave birth to various galaxies and hence stars and solar system. This cosmic energy has been referred to as GOD. Therefore GOD is omnipresent and omnipotent and this is universally accepted by all religions. This cosmic energy did not have a shape and form. Hence a spaceless and formless energy source has transformed over several million years into all forms in this galaxy.

NASA's recent released an article on OUM's frequency..The only vibration that is universally heard is that of pi. This pi equates to AUM.. This AUM has been defined as the moola manthra in Hindu religion thousands of years ago. This manthra is composed of 3 constituents.


A - Creational Force/Brahma

U - Protective/Longivity Force/Vishnu

M - Transformational/Destructive Force/Sivam

Cosmic energy = OHM

Applying Newtons 3'rd law: Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can be transformed from a state to another.

From the beginning of times these 3 cycles have been constanty working and has hence produced live after going through several million iteration and changes. This also explains the evolution of live and non-life. This is the origin of every thing living and non-living. Hence GOD is the one who performs all these 3 activities.

It has been stated in Hindusim

Anything that can be seen outside can be seen inside the body. Science has only gone to prove that the most complex machine ever created is the human body. The amount of complexities and energy produced inside the human body is unparalleled.

When we decompose this manthra and chant it here is what we feel. "A" this vibration arises from the naval area. This area is Brahmas sthalam(sperms,ovaries).

The "U" vibrations is felt in the chest region. This region is composed of lungs/heart which run the day to day operations in our body. Hence these organs signify the protector- Vishnu

"M" vibrations is felt in our head. Transformation happens in this area. Our brain transforms electrical signals to various parts to our body. This head is composed of the vital organs brain, eye, mouth, nose etc. For example let us consider our breath. We breathe via the nostrils. This symbolizes the 5 fundamental elements in earth.

Eye - Fire

Saliva - Water

Nose - Air, Earth(because we can smell)

Ear - Sound

Overall this body is composed of these 5 boothas, i.e basic elements.

Hence AUM is the sound of cosmos/god. Hence there is only one GOD and he is universal and does not belong to a particular religion.

The above 3 activities are being manifested in different names and roles by the same Cosmic energy-God.

From an aethist perspective: The above stated can be seen as nature and cannot be mentioned as GOD but as science, at the same time no one can refute the above information nor dismiss this either.

How did the word GOD originate?



G - Generate(Brahma)

O - Operate(Vishnu)

D - Destruct(Shiva/Rudra)

Cosmic energy = OHM = GOD
In tamil an ancient Indian language, kadavul(synonym for GOD). Beyond thoughts/transcending thoughts is where you find god. A place where thoughts are born is where you find GOD.

Where are thoughts born? When someone states "I think" who does the "I" refers to?

"I" is a athman/soul. But generally we get identified by our body. When Ibrahim dies where does Ibrahim go? His physical body exists. But what is missing is the life. This life is the athman. A body without life is a corpse. When we are born we are radiant with energy and when we are in the later stages we are lacking it. Hence life is athma.

There are millions of living things. Can anything with life be called Athman?

Life is controlled. This controlled is life and the control is Athman. Driven is life. Drive is athman. Hence the origin of life is athman. Athman is the potency in life. Without athman we become impotent. The origin of Athma again originates from the cosmos/AUM.

Life is controlled by PRANA(often misunderstood with Oxygen). Different forms of life take Oxygen,Carbon di oxyde etc. So is life oxygen??. Is life and athman the same?

The nature of this athman is that it does not combine in air. It is not wetted by water, not ignited by fire, not polluted by air, not contaminated by soil. It is beyond the five basic elements(pancha boothas.) This is the nature of athman.

This athman is the supreme manifestation from the COSMIC Energy (paramathma/GOD). And there is only paramathma the supreme.

Aethist's will require a proof for the above stated. The jole about the whole thing is that an athma is who is asking for a proof that he/she is an athma. This question arises because of lack of self-realization.(who am I)

For a realized soul the athman can be felt/seen. However with ordinary eyes athman cannot be seen. With the aid of certain meditation techniques, this can be achieved.

Saints and seers and rishis see athmans. Because of the fact that they were able to see these things with great clarity was born the idea of spirituality, religion and science. Some of the ancient Indian rishis have been exponents in mathematics, fluid mechanics, life science, astronomy dating 4000 years back. These were achieved by the strength gained by practicing yoga. Having attained self realization, they were able to feel and see the divine forces of nature- GOD.

They were able to realize like how we have biological parents, they were able to realize that our spritual parent was indeed GOD.

They also gained knowledge on the athman-Self. Likewise they also realized that the cosmic energy was supremely intelligent. They were able to communicate back and forth with the supreme. These seers and saints, have documented their experiences in the form of scientific techniques namely of Yoga and Tantra. With their extraordinary vision they came to know the way of god and his secrets. With his grace and blessings created the Vedas and Upanishads. These later on went on to become religions. Many religions were born in the name of the messengers of God. Based on the local traditions existing they were adopted in various cultures and countries differently. Since common man also participated in these practices, a lot of non-scientific practices and rituals were also mixed amidst these doctrines. Due to these practices aeithists have made mockery of these proceedings. However all major religions that exist today have deep meanings/significance

For a realized soul the athman can be felt/seen. However with ordinary eyes athman cannot be seen. With the aid of certain meditation techniques, this can be achieved. For one who has realized himself i.e. one who knows the answer to the Question "Who Am I?", realizing his origin becomes possible. The almighty is responsible for creation, protection and destruction. Even though he is not visible his job continues always. Sometimes the almighty incarnates in human form. For example in Hindusim, he has incarnated as Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna etc in Christianity as Lord Jesus and in Islam as Prophet Mohammed and Lord Buddha in Buddhism. As expected in all the religions today he has incarnated as Mahaguru Parthasarathy.