Devotees Experience

Karthik: Back in college as any other aspiring youth, I met guruji. I initially joined as a student of yoga. I learnt hata yoga, gnyana yoga, raja yoga from guruji and started practicing it vigorously. Over a period of time had noticed that my whole life style had changed and I was a totally different person. I had started to see things quiet differently. My favorite quote from Guruji was "Wish for anything, but qualify yourself for the same". This is the fundamental truth behind any success and I realized it and I started working towards my goals. Even though I set myself huge goals they seemed achievable.

My experiences have been little short of miraculous. I was a youth with a lot of aspiration but lacked a sense of direction. He gave me a sense of purpose to life and for that I owe him in this life and in the future. It would be a lie if I said that I do not have problems. But I am better equiped in facing them and over a period of 12 years I have learnt to deal with my problems and have turned my issues into oppurtunities and his presence has had a huge positive impact in my life.

I can boldly say that my life has been entirely transformed in a very positive way after meeting him and I am making great progress now and have reached places tbat I could have only dreamt before.

Bala:Initial Meeting: I first met Guruji through a mutual friend 12 years ago. Our meeting was very instinctive and I connected with Guruji right away. It was so surprising because Guruji's charisma and his positive vibrations just drew me towards him totally. I had immediately realized that I met some one special.

Goal In Life: In my first few conversations with Guruji, I was asked what my main goal in life was. I mentioned that achieving god was my main goal. He had commented that it was a noble goal and that he would help me achieve that goal. I was slowly introduced to the world of Yoga and I have had several spiritual encounters/experiences since then.

College : I enrolled into Chemical Engineering after graduating from school with very high grades. However in collage due to inappropriate habits and too many distractions I lost focus on education. By the time I was in my fourth semester I was a total washout and had 16 failures out of 20 subjects. Subsequently after being initiated by Guruji and being in his company I did regain my focus and by my Fifth semester, I attempted 14 subjects and cleared all 14 of them. This in my book is a miracle. I am not implying that guruji did this miracle and made me succeed. What he did however is help me regain my focus back and help instill and uphold moral values and by slowly incorporating better qualities I was subconsciously getting rid of my bad habits. This to me is a miracle.

Rain: It was draught season back in South India and I had prayed to Guruji that we should get good rains to sustain the heat. This happened sometime during May. Guruji's reply to me was that it was not an appropriate time for the rains and at the right time there would be rains. Like he said there was heavy rains during monsoons. It was so bad that several people lost their lives in drowning. That is when I realized that I should be careful what I ask for. Next time around my prayers were careful. All these miracles happened because they was common interest involved.

Grand father: My grand father was in a deathbed and I had prayed for his longivity to Guruji. Doctors had given up on him and said that he would not live for more than a few days. However he is still alive.

Personality Development over the years: I have become a better person over the years of my involvement with Guruji. He had shown me a good part in me for which I owe him eternally.

Job Hunt: Over the last 10 years I have been involved in my own business which was not very satisfactory to begin with. I wanted to switch lines and get into Software Programming. I was not very good in Programming but with Guruji's blessings I was able to get a job in one of the biggest software companies in the country in the location I wanted and with a very good pay. This is another miracle.


I would like to share some of my best moments and miraculous experiences that after meeting respected Guruji. I was introduced by a friend who knew Guruji. This was the best part of my life. I initially met him to analyse my horoscope, but something within me just drew me close to his holiness. I was basically inadequate to understand life as a whole. As a business person, I was facing a lot of domestic and personal issues. Problems did not get resolved like magic. But I could notice it disappearing like the ice melting in the blazing sun. I was able to feel my prayers answered and I knew there was something special about this supreme personality. With his blessings, I could see that enemies became allies and many of my complicated issues getting resolved.

I cannot explain how this exactly happened, but could feel his positive energies reflecting in my actions. I can challenge any one for a good deal that if any one who faces issues seeks the blessings of Guruji, can feel the immedieate impact and see their problems disappearing in thin air. I am not being delusional, rather I am reflecting on my thoughts and experiences on Guruji.

Jai Guru Sri Sarathy Namaha


My husband’s name is Muthu. During the early days of our marriage he was very angry .Even though he is a good human his arrogant nature emerged at regular intervals. Through one of our friend we met our guruji. After that we become regular student of our Guruji. Because of Guruji’s advice and meditation classes, I found the change in his angry nature.

My husband become a very nice and calm person after a short period. From the yoga techniques my husbands stomach related problems got cured. Now we are very happy because of our guruji’s divine presence and blessings.

My best friend Kayalvizhi’s relative was in very dangerous condition due to illness. He was in abnormal condition so that he is always in a panicky mode. Because of my suggestion the patient was taken in to Gurujis home. Because of Gurujis divine power his whole sickness was cured and now he is married and happy.

My friend’s daughter was affected by an unknown disease which resulted in abnormal shapes in her face. Doctors said that the disease may be due to brain related issue. I adviced my friend to take her 14 yrs old daughter to Guruji. Within two weeks of time the child’s problems were solved because of Gurujis healing power.

My friend Vijayalakshmis son got married to his lover against his father’s will. So he sent his son out of the house and made his son and daughter-in-law isolated. After my suggestion my friend met guruji and she prayed him for the unity of the family. Within 3 weeks of time they united together.

I believe in my Guruji and I am very sincere towards his dharma.

Ananda Prabu

Due to an accident my retina got detached/torn. I needed 5 surgeries totally to even bring my vision partially and according to doctors the vision should have only reached 50% of my original vision. They prescribed +3 reading glass for me. I was steadfast in my faith towards Swamiji. With Swamiji’s blessings even without these glasses I was able to miracoulously get 95% of my vision. Even the doctors find that this was not possible without some divine intervention. It was impossible for me to drive during the nights. Now I am able to drive normally and I was able to cross one of my biggest hurdles in life with Swamiji’s grace and blessings. This to me is a Miracle.