Contradictions on Arrival Of God

Generally there are a lot of contradictions on the coming of the lord. We are enumerating a few here. Even though there seem to be contradictions superficially, if we dig deeper there does seem to be some deep meanings in them too. These meanings are not commonly understood and we expect them as stated in the Bible and Vedas verbatim. Expecting this is not appropriate. Here are a few examples.

SB 12.2.18: Lord Kalki will appear in the home of the most eminent brahmana of Sambhala village, the great soul Vishnuyasa.

Vishnuyasa - In the race of Lord Vishnu . A man will be known as a Brahman just by his wearing a thread. Generally by birth no one is a Brahman. Once who realized the Brahma and one who becomes the Brahma becomes a Brahmin. Just by wearing a threads does not make a Brahman. Hence, God is a Brahma swoorobi(who is constantly in the Brahma state). He is not constrained by anything. Even though he was born as a Kshatriya in Ram-avatar, Lord Rama was a Brahma swoorobi. In Krishna avatar even though born as a cow herd Lord Krishna was a Brahma swoorobi. Expecting the Kalki avatar to be born in Sambhala village in a Brahmin family is as inappropriate as expecting Jesus Christ to be born as a Brahmin. Hence constraining him to a particular race is incorrect and inappropriate.

Lord Krishna was born in Madura in North India. Mahaguru Parthasarathy has incarnated in South Indian Madura. In the bible they are expecting that Christ will be in Europe as a Christian. Since we have already ascertained that Christ and Kalki Avatar are the same Both seem to be controversial.. Moreover can we as humans determine where he will be born?

Rider on the White Horse

Generally Gayathri Manthra which is chanted by Brahmins was devised by Vishwamithra(who was a kshatriya) and Vishnu Sahasranama was first given to this world by Beeshma who is a kshatriya. Most of the avatars have not been born as Brahmanas. In the Kalki Avatar, it is mentioned that the Lord will come on a horse called Devadutta with a sword in his hand. In this advanced computerized age, riding on the white horse with a sword in the hand is very inappropriate. Hence it is unlikely that the Lord will appear in a white horse with a sword in his hand. Likewise in the Bible it has been stated that the Lord will appear in a white horse with a sword in his hand. What we need to clearly understand that the Lord will reinstate justice and will be a warrior and fight against injustice. Likewise, in Hinduism it has been symbolically represented on the Kalki avatar as being Horse Faced. Lord Hayagreeva was depicted as having Horse Faced with a Human Body. Lord Hayagreeva was the lord of wisdom.

What this indicated is that through his wisdom and tactfulness he will fight against injustice and win over injustice. Lord Ganesh is represented as having a Elephants face and human body. Ganesh is the Lord of Knowledge and Wisdom. In astrology Kethu in Scorpio Lagna indicates spiritual wisdom. Lord Ganesh, Lord Hayagreeva and Lord Narashima all has this feature in their horoscope. Likewise Mahaguru Parthasarathy also has Ketu in his Lagna(Scorpio). In astrology Kethu is represented by an animal head and body of Human. So we should understand that this has been said symbolically based on astrology and we should not expect this avatar to ride on white horse with a sword in his hand.

Corrections on calculations of Yugas

In Hinduism the age of Yugas is not correct. It has been stated that Lord Rama has given Vibeshana the idol of Lord Ranganathar which when archeologically researched has been found out to be no more than a few thousand years old. But the age according to the Hindu Vedas is over 12 Lak 96 thousand years old for Treta Yuga and 8 lak 64 thousand years for Dwapara Yuga. Hence stating that this temple is close to 21 lak 60000 years old is totally inappropriate and incorrect. Also the Vedic period have been said to be lacks of years old but when researched by archeologists and historians, has found to be only 4000 years old. Pre Vedic Time dates from 2000 B.C. - 1000 B.C. and Post Vedic Times dates from 1000 B.C. till Birth of Christ. Most of the nine avatars have occurred in the last five thousand years. The Mayan Civilization has predicted that the avatar will exhibit itself by 2012 and Sir Isaac Newton has mentioned that the Lord will exhibit himself during 2005-2007. These dates look more accurate than others.

All the religions and civilizations have all predicted about the coming of the Supreme Lord to fight injustice and uphold justice. The Lord’s Incarnation has occurred in the form of , Mahaguru Parthasarathy to perform his job of fighting injustice and providing judgement. All the research we have conducted regarding this has only confirmed our understanding on Mahaguru Parthasarathy.